This ever-changing Life


Ever want to own a restaurant?    Let me tell you a few things first….

We are moving into our busy season, and all the things you don’t want to happen before the busy season are slowly starting to happen.  Of course.  Lost five employees in one week.  No, sorry, six.  Five were voluntary, one was fired. But it’s never a good thing to lose that many people at once.  Surprisingly, things aren’t going that badly.  But if I thought I was going to be able to drive up to Chicago this week, I was wrong.  Or go see that movie that just came out- wrong.  Or go to the show at that one place that everyone will be at on Friday-  wrong.

It sounds kinda whiny, I know- but after six months of non-stop you kinda wish you could have a weekend off once in a while.  Bah!!   Still, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Graduation for the college here is early May, things will be a little more chill-  the town will be ours again before too long.  And the weather has been amazing this year already- I could imagine worse.

And I usually do.

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I hate colds

and summer ones are the worst- or so everybody says.  I don’t know why they would necessarily be worse- maybe cuz the air conditioning only seems to exacerbate the problem?  You can’t hang out in the warm outdoors and have it help you feel better?  Who knows.  But I didn’t start this post to berate you with whining or really bad sentence structures- I wanted to update and other things.

I finished my friends knitted gift- and had enough yarn to make a hat.  I hope she enjoys them- she’s taking off for Chicago, and I know before too long, it will be cold cold cold there.  I need photos ( you can always check out stuff on as well) but my camera battery is being un-cooperative.  I’ll get around to it later.  Also, my nieces sweater is almost done.  And I really love the color- a really wine-y red.  Very nice.

Not much else is going  on.  I’ve been watching too much “Ghost Whisperer” for my own good- and fighting off this silly cold.  Oh, and I decided to have a Halloween party at work.   It’s always a really dead night here, so we might as well enjoy it. 

See ya!

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Dancing also keeps me sane

So I talked my husband into letting me take two dance classes at once by telling him it would help me quit smoking as well.  It is actually working.  I think.  I snuck one on Monday- I haven’t had one since.  The week prior, I had three.  I would normally have smoked 6-8 a day.  Just for comparison.  I’m not a hard-core smoker, but I’ve tried to quit completely several times without success.  This time feels different.  I have more distractions and less interest in picking it up again.  We’ll see.

Tonight, I have my Belly Dance class with Lois.  I’ve studied with her for almost 4 years.  Can’t wait to start class again.  We had a little pow-wow over lunch the other day- it was great.  She’s worried about me being bored (i’m in a combined class with beginners only because registration was low) but I told her not to fear.  I would find ways to keep myself occupied.  I can dance at home- but it’s not AS fun as having other people with you- it’s a social dance!  Anyways, I know tonight will be fine.  I’m excited to see the new faces.

I’m off to enter some stuff into Ravelry.  Almost done with the gift I’m knitting.  🙂

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Knitting keeps me sane

I’m knitting again.  Knitting an object that I will, again,

give away to someone.  Knitting something I hope is useful and may be treasured by this person.  They are moving away to Chicago.  Maybe they’ll need to stay warm.  Maybe they’ll give it away to someone else.  Either way, once I’m done with the act of knitting the object, I let it go.  Give it up to the universe and hope that my little inocuous fiber art will live on without me. 

This all sounds very melodramatic- I know.  sorry.  The title is true though- I knit to stay sane.  Right now, I’m  trying to quit smoking.   Again.  And having something to do with my hands seems to help.  It’s at least a distraction that has a result!  I have two or three projects going at the same time, which seems a bit excessive, but if you know any serious knitters, then you know we are all a bit touched.  

Ta for now, dear Reader.

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Hello world!

Thank you, WordPress, for this generic jump starter.  🙂

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